grains good or bad

are you emotionally attached to grains

The never-ending argument: for grains or against grains and Are you emotionally attached to grains? I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while now: the endless arguments for or against grains. I’m definitely going to give my opinion on the matter but this post is more about my views on why people…

regain your pre baby body

how to regain your pre pregnancy body

This is the story of 6 Innervate Health and Fitness personal training Sydney clients (and one Sydney Personal Trainer : Lisa Brown) and their individual journeys during a 12 week wellness challenge of: no wheat, no processed sugar, no alcohol and of course training hard. How Natalie regained her pre pregnancy body Why did you…

SMH Sydney Half Marathon training

12 week wellness challenge

This is the story of 6 Innervate Health and Fitness personal training Sydney clients (and one Sydney Personal Trainer : Lisa Brown) and their individual journeys during a 12 week wellness challenge of: no wheat, no processed sugar, no alcohol and of course training hard. Grant’s story I’m Grant, I am a father of three,…

fat loss challenge

12 week fat loss challenge

This is the story of 6 Innervate Health and Fitness Sydney personal training clients (and one Sydney Personal Trainer : Lisa Brown) and their individual journeys during a 12 week body transformation challenge of: no wheat, no processed sugar, no alcohol and of course training hard. Mel’s story I’m Mel, I’m in my mid-thirties and…

12 week body transformation

12 week body transformation

or 12 weeks to ……. BOOM This is the story of 6 Innervate Health and Fitness personal training Sydney clients (and one Sydney Personal Trainer : Lisa Brown) and their individual journeys during a 12 week body transformation challenge of: no wheat, no processed sugar, no alcohol and of course training hard. The whole thing…


Blog Post #1

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Getting older sucks ass.... or does it?

Getting older sucks ass…… or does it?

I have just returned from THE BEST trip to Antarctica and South America. This amazing 6-week journey saw me kayaking through icebergs in the waters of the breathtakingly beautiful Continent that is Antarctica, trekking alongside Chilean glaciers in Torres Del Paine National Park, struggling at altitude up steps on my way to Dead Woman’s Pass…

ripped and lean

ripped and lean is gross

“Am I the only one that thinks this looks really gross?” Jade Thomas “Kinda freaky” Marc Montano “Yuk” Brett Johnson “What is it?” Shayne Cooney “I feel crook” Brendan Lynch “This is horrible, I wouldn’t want to like to have someone like this with all respect” Jose Franco “WTF is it????? Yuck” Aisha El-Sayed “She…

most important workout

the most important workout you will ever do

Do this workout regularly and watch your health, fitness, relationships and happiness improve As many rounds as possible of: A1 get a good nights sleep A2 eat shit loads of veggies A3 stay away from regularly shoving crap ‘food’ in your mouth (you know what I’m talking about) A4 eat good quality proteins and fats…

determination weight loss


determined dɪˈtəːmɪnd/ adjective having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it. synonyms: intent on, bent on, set on, dead set on, insistent on, fixed on, resolved on/to, firm about, committed to, hell-bent on; single-minded about, obsessive about, obsessed with, fanatical about, fixated on 8.00am Saturday 17th May, 2014,Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia………


20 Minute Interval Training

A great way to burn body fat is to incorporate resistance training, good nutrition and interval training into your weekly routine. See Lose Body Fat. I know that our fat loss clients get the best results when they do their ‘homework’. We generally see our clients 2 to 3 times a week. We will do…


quit sugar

These are very wise words on sugar from Josie Andrici (PT and Innervate Trainer). Josie is a fully qualified naturopath as well as being a kick ass Personal Trainer. You have not “quit sugar” by replacing with it other alternatives including: Agave syrup – sweeter than sugar and high fructose – yup that sounds great,…


how to plank correctly

Here’s a picture of this mornings Coogee group session. I am showing the guys how to plank correctly. Lenka’s chin should be tucked just a little bit more in this picture. When doing a plank or a push up imagine you have a rod on your back like this. There should be three points of…


shut up your inner sabateur or sneaky motherfucker

Shut up your inner saboteur AKA your ‘SNEAKY MO FO’ and move your ass regularly! I was going through some old files recently from a personal training mentoring business I used to run with another personal trainer. One of the sessions I used to cover with our apprentice personal trainers was ‘How to deal with…


energy is infectious

Don’t let angry, aggressive and negative hounds upset your mood. I walk my black Lab Leroy Brown every morning and afternoon. On these walks if Leroy sees a dog that he doesn’t ‘like’ he will sense the energy from over 5m away. He will pull his lead and move out of the dog’s path in…


what i would tell the girl in the red tank top

Lisa Brown Personal Trainer tells us what advice she would give her 20-year-old self My Dad is here in Sydney at the moment visiting me from the UK. He carries a picture of me in his wallet. It is the picture above. I am around 20 years old. Check out the long brown hair!!!!! I…


my dad and the Dalai Lama

I love to read inspirational quotes and I love to share them on my Facebook Page and here on my Jibber Jabber page. I came across this amazing quote from the big Dalai Lama a few months ago: “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a…


how i got the monkey off my back

How I got the monkey off my back re dealing with bulimia. I received this message last week: Hey Lisa, Just read some of your story on your meet the trainers page, saw you struggled with an eating disorder till into your 30’s. Thanks for being honest, I have had a massive struggle with bulimia…


tripping up arse over tit at the supermarket

Tripping up arse over tit at the supermarket. Not literally guys…..although there was the time I slipped and fell over some spilt yogurt in the fridge aisle while checking out the hot, straight chick picking out some hummus with her boyfriend (but we can save that for another jibber jabber I think). No, I am…


let positivity punctuate your dreams

Let positivity punctuate your dreams Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: ‘As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind.’ I read, watched and listened to Wayne Dyer’s stuff a lot a few years ago when…


keep your brain and body healthy

This is an awesome post. I am always taking to clients about neural pathways. This explains things really well. It is quite a long post so I have taken the take home message out for you… Following these tips may help you keep your mind active and alert by protecting and strengthening your synapses: Reduce…


overcoming self doubt

That voice that tells us we cannot do it… we are too stupid, too weak, too old, too young, it’s too late… Sound familiar? We all have one. Have a read of this blog about overcoming self doubt. This guy writes from the heart so if you don’t like the F bomb don’t read it…


improve your posture

If you have ever done a one on one session with me the chances are you would of laid on these BakBalls in order to mobilize the thoracic area of your spine. I always advise that my personal clients get themselves two tennis balls in a sock as a cheap alternative. However, they are cheap…

dexa scan copy

lose body fat

So, I went into the newsagents to buy a couple of magazines. I was looking at all of the fitness mags. Everyone of them have headlines stating ‘lose body fat, gain muscle’, ‘ the secret to losing 10kgs’ , “get your best body ever… we will tell you how’. BLAH BLAH BLAH… I got to…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 5.30.22 PM

Personal Trainer Sydney squats and push ups bodyweight workout 15/7/13

I filmed this after my one and only Marathon in 2012: the Outback Marathon (which is ran around Uluru). This video was shot during a recovery run at The Olgas the next day. So beautiful.   10 – 1 workout as fast as poss Perform 10 reps of each, then 9, then 8 etc A1…


Bridesmaids and a stolen personal training session in Sydney

Did you see the Bridesmaids movie??? I wasn’t a massive fan of it but I am in the minority it seems, however, there was a scene in the movie that made me chuckle big time. It was when the two lead characters were hiding behind a tree and ‘stealing’ a bootcamp session. I had exactly…


childhood obesity

Hey team, you know how I like to share a story! I want to tell you about my ironic lunch experience today. I went to my local shopping centre and bought myself a sashimi salad. I sat down to eat and a young Japanese/Australian mum asked if she could share my table with her and…



Patience is not my strong point, as my friends and family will tell you. I do know that consistency with training; sleep, nutrition and managing stress levels will get you results. Keep up the good work and keep going 🙂


inspiration and motivation

Good morning guys! Gotta say I love my job and the diversity of clients! Wanted to share: Yesterday I trained my 10 year old male client. He had a stroke when he was born. My job with him is to encourage and coach him to use and move his left side (as well as train…


training with a cold

Is it ok to exercise if I have a cold? General rule of thumb is :exercise is normally ok if your symptoms are above the neck: runny and blocked nose, minor sore throat etc. Just reduce intensity and length of workout. If symptoms below neck: chest congestion, hacking cough, upset stomach prob best to rest.…


alcohol and fat loss

Planning a few drinks this weekend? If you’re trying to burn body fat remember that your body processes alcohol first, leaving carbohydrates and fats to get stored as fat instead of getting used as fuel. Just thought I’d remind you.


obsessed with the scales and your weight?

Gentle reminder: Remember that you do not wear a shirt with your KG’s displayed for everyone to see. Please try not to get obsessed with a number on the scales. Go with how you feel in your body. Feel your clothes getting looser. See your body getting firmer. Feel fitter on the stairs at work.…


personal trainers are not created equal

True story: an Innervate client won 24 Personal Training sessions at a gym which will remain anonymous. So, she decided to put her sessions with us on hold. She went for her first session and the ‘personal trainer’ popped her on the rower for 5 mins then moved her to the cross trainer. He then…


your heart

The most important muscle in your body is your heart…. Make sure you look after it this Valentines Day and every day. It likes to be clear of fat blocking it up and surrounding it so it can provide the rest of your body with the stuff it needs to keep moving. If someone breaks…


how to do a push up

Just saw a big outdoor group doing push ups with really poor form. Guys, quick tips for push ups: fingers pointing forwards and spread apart (to take pressure of wrists), back of head, middle of shoulder blades and bum all in a straight line, lower and raise keeping the line and position. Make sure your…


overweight and angry

Lady at counter buying a can of V and a packet of cigarettes says to me, ‘Not the healthiest of breakfasts hey?’ Me, wearing my Personal Training top, smiles and says nothing. Lady, ‘I suppose you think I’m not helping myself, I know I’m overweight, it’s ok for you with your body, I bet you…


exercise and fat loss

YAWN! What a load of old irresponsible bol***x! I read this at the weekend. It makes me bored then annoyed all at the same time. People who promote exercise (especially here at Innervate) never pretend that working out without good nutrition is going to be enough if you want to burn body fat. Nutrition plays…


create effective change

If you want things to be different: do things differently. This applies to workouts and life in general. If you’ve plateaued in your physical gains stimulate the muscles differently. i.e loads, sets, tempo, duration, intensity etc. If things are not going the way you want in other areas of your life then take a look…


cheat foods

I am working from home today. I bought myself a jar of Branston Pickle (the Pom’s will know what I am talking about) when I went food shopping last week. I LOVE cheddar cheese and pickle sandwiches and used to eat massive overloaded subs constantly when I was an overweight kid. The Branston Pickle has…


picking up chicks

Lady at the cafe in Kings Cross, ‘You look very strong’. Me, ‘thank you’. Lady, ‘do you think you could pick me up?’. Me, ‘I’m not sure, but prob best not to try as I’ve just had a massive workout and may drop you’. Lady, ‘please, come on, see if you can pick me up…


holiday cheats

Urgh and yuk! I feel like I have a layer of Christmas all over me! Anyone else? Truth is I have been drinking more than usual and eating more treats than usual. I am on holiday for one more week but I set my alarm to train with my friend this morning and I feel…


junk food for breakfast

I’m just about to go and do my weekly food shop. I’ve had a couple of sessions this morning and had literally no food in my house to make brekkie. I’m really hungry. In the food court looking for a healthy option and HUNGRY is not a good combo. No wonder people make bad food…


heathrow injection

Hey guys, its interesting being back in the North East of England (where I was born and brought up). Get ready for one of my jibber jabber’s 🙂 

If you are a follower of this page you will know that I was overweight as a kid and teenager and in all honesty just didn’t feel…



Sorta happy with how my stomach is starting to look. Took this selfie this morning. I don’t have genetically good abs like some girls. I’ve never had a six pack but I am pretty happy with this. It has taken me a very long time to be ok with my body. I spent many years…


exercising while on holiday

Ended up doing a 12 mile (19km) trail run yesterday. The trail is called the ‘Old Railway Path’ absolutely amazing run in the North Yorkshire Moors. Here is me after the run but before enjoying a pint of Yorkshire Lager! 

I love running when I am on holiday as I feel that you really get…


admission: i was a corner cutter!

So if you are a follower of my Facebook page you will remember my post last week about ‘cutting the corners’. My best mate in the UK made a comment under my lil rant which reminded me that I was actually a ‘corner cutter’ when I was a kid at school! We had a PE…



What makes you think it is ok to sit next to me (so close that are arms are touching) on the bench and spark up a filthy, stinking, cancerous cigarette? Grrrrrrrr. The Lisa Brown pre daily meditation would have kicked right off. The Lisa Brown post daily meditation got up quickly and moved away so…


treat yourself

It’s a cold, wet, stormy night here in Sydney. Felt like indulging in a couple of glasses of my favorite Cab Sav wine and my favourite chocolate, a Boost bar. I loved, loved, loved every sip and yummy chocolate taste bite. It’s important to give yourself treats guys. I believe otherwise, life would be very…



Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I had a really tough day, I literally felt physically sick and sore and also I felt really blue too…. I just didn’t want to talk to anyone (if you don’t know me personally, I’m here to tell you this is a rarity, I love to talk!) I…



Hey Team, check out the interview I did for LOTL. a lil bit about me and how to lose fat or bulk up…… 2 min read 😉


improve your posture and your love life

I LOVE MY JOB! I have started working with a new client (I will not tag him in this post and embarrass him…… although he was happy for me to share this). We are working really hard to improve his posture alongside getting him healthy and a rocking body to boot!!!! I told him that…


overweight animals

I have a 4 year old Labrador called Leroy Brown. I get asked all the time what is he mixed with as he is not overweight. He is actually lean and fit and pure breed! (Labradors are prone to being overweight) I simply feed him correctly and exercise him regularly. I find it interesting that…



Just witnessed a lady smoking a cigarette, chugging a red bull and eating a McMuffin all at the same time. This was in the alley behind the pharmacy that she works in (she had the uniform on). I hope my observations are never taken as judgment…… I hope you have started your week differently.



conversation overheard/eaves dropped next to my local cafe: large guy says to his large guy friend: “check out that guys abs, wouldn’t mind looking like that”, friends response: “me too mate, but it would mean that we would both have to stop smoking, stop drinking every night and stop eating shit all the time”, mate…


injury and motivation

Confession: I fell off the ‘bikini shoot challenge’ wagon re the injury that stopped me from training……. aaaand….. the last two weekends I have consumed rather more alcohol than one wanting a bikini shoot body or in fact one promoting a healthy lifestyle should (even tho I do not like the word should). Back on…



I’m always posting motivational stuff in the hope that it inspires you guys to get off your butts and train however, I feel the need to also point out that it is so important to know when to take your foot of the pedal and rest when you need to. I have had a massive…


treat your body like i treat my dog

I take my 5 year old black labrador, Leroy Brown with me to the local cafe every morning. Leroy would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING if I let him (he is a lab after all) There are patrons there that like to give him banana bread. I will not allow them to do it and they…


women who lift can sometime draw stares

I am back in my hometown of Redcar in the North East of England. Yesterday I did heavy deadlifts, squats, pushes and pulls and couldn’t help but smile at the looks I was getting from the local North Eastern men training next to me in the gym here….. I don’t think that there are many…


my mum jean brown

Today would be my mum’s birthday. We lost my mum to cancer 5 years ago on 22nd April (a week on Monday). 

I prefer to celebrate mum’s life on her bday rather than the day she left us. 

Check out this amazing pic of my mum when she was a Personal Training Instructor (PTI) in…


turning 40

Hey team, I hope you are having an amazing Monday. I am in recovery after an amazing 40th birthday party on Sydney Harbour on Saturday. 

I turn 40 tomorrow!!!!!! Feeling a lil reflective… will probably write more about this tomorrow. 

I have to say that I am fitter, stronger and in the best shape emotionally…


you gotta be prepared to get results

Pre planning your meals is THE SECRET to making sure you don’t make crap food choices. When you are hungry and busy it is easier to grab something quick. We know that fast food is readily available. If you have steamed your veggies and popped them in a container with a great source or protein…


amazing dalai lama quote

Gotta love this quote from the big DL… V challenging to do this everyday but I think I’m gonna get this printed and post it somewhere where I can read it every morning. Thoughts? 

“Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I…


what are you grateful for?

I was watching a Wayne Dyer you tube talk a couple of years ago. I was in a dark space and couldn’t see a way out. He suggested a great thing to do is think about the things you are grateful for every night just before you go to sleep. This way your subconscious is…


straight forward words

I saw this on a friend’s personal page, he is a Personal Trainer at the gym I used to work at. I love this! Pretty simple really. 
Train like a DEMON, 
Eat like a CAVEMAN,
 Sleep like a BABY,

thanks Franco 🙂


Hungry for more?

The following are informative bits and pieces I have written for various magazines and web pages. Sit back, click and have a read of the following: 20 min interval training, reduce stress, juicing for fitness, staying motivated, reduce body fat, family fitness, a healthy day diary, increase energy levels and many more… training 20 minute…


Corporate fitness training alexandria

We makes sure we ‘cook everyone just right’ so the whole team feels like they have been pushed to the right level for them. Our corporate fitness groups consist of a diverse group of people just like your office: the gym junkie, marathon runner or the person that has not trained in years. We offer…


corporate fitness training sydney

We makes sure we ‘cook everyone just right’ so the whole team feels like they have been pushed to the right level for them. Our corporate fitness groups consist of a diverse group of people just like your office: the gym junkie, marathon runner or the person that has not trained in years. We offer…