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Wanted to share a fun way to do your interval sprints! I train a 10 yr old boy J, on a Wed afternoon (I write posts about him often… he is the one that had a stroke when he was born).

I am always conjuring up new and fun ways to keep him moving and exercising. I have to make it fun and engaging. Yesterday we played ‘Kick Ball Baseball’. ‘Kick Ball Baseball’?

Set up four cones like a Baseball Diamond. One person kicks the ball as far as possible and then tries to get a home run i.e sprints around the diamond. The other person starts next to the kicker and as soon as the ball has been kicked sprints to the kicked ball and then dribbles and kicks the ball and tries to hit home base before the kicker can make a home run (I set up a set of Kanga Cricket stumps at home base to make it an easier target for J). Swap places only when the kicker is ‘out’.

I was smashed yesterday and so was J. It was full on interval sprints both for the kicker and the fielder. This would be a great way to workout with your kids or grab a mate and have some fun with it too.

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