ripped and lean

ripped and lean is gross

“Am I the only one that thinks this looks really gross?” Jade Thomas “Kinda freaky” Marc Montano “Yuk” Brett Johnson “What is it?” Shayne Cooney “I feel crook” Brendan Lynch “This is horrible, I wouldn’t want to like to have someone like this with all respect” Jose Franco “WTF is it????? Yuck” Aisha El-Sayed “She…


quit sugar

These are very wise words on sugar from Josie Andrici (PT and Innervate Trainer). Josie is a fully qualified naturopath as well as being a kick ass Personal Trainer. You have not “quit sugar” by replacing with it other alternatives including: Agave syrup – sweeter than sugar and high fructose – yup that sounds great,…


shut up your inner sabateur or sneaky motherfucker

Shut up your inner saboteur AKA your ‘SNEAKY MO FO’ and move your ass regularly! I was going through some old files recently from a personal training mentoring business I used to run with another personal trainer. One of the sessions I used to cover with our apprentice personal trainers was ‘How to deal with…


keep your brain and body healthy

This is an awesome post. I am always taking to clients about neural pathways. This explains things really well. It is quite a long post so I have taken the take home message out for you… Following these tips may help you keep your mind active and alert by protecting and strengthening your synapses: Reduce…