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dexa scanSo, I went into the newsagents to buy a couple of magazines. I was looking at all of the fitness mags. Everyone of them have headlines stating ‘lose body fat, gain muscle’, ‘ the secret to losing 10kgs’ , “get your best body ever… we will tell you how’. BLAH BLAH BLAH… I got to thinking about a friends post on his professional page. I loved Nick’s post. it is basically what we at Innervate (and any health practitioner worth their salt) will tell you. Save your money on the magazines and follow these steps outlined by Nick from Soultrain.

1: Get a Dexa Scan from Measure Up to find out how many calories a day you need to meet your goal.

2: Download “My fitness Pal” to your smart phone for free.

3: Type in what you eat and the exercise you do each day, its really simple. Stick to your calorie goal

4: Do weights 2-3 times a week

5: Enjoy eating carbs on the days you do weights or high intensity intervals. Veggies, Beans and Meat on the other days

6: Do 3-5 hours of moderate intensity cardio @ 70% of your max heart rate per week

7: Get an awesome result in 3-6 months if you apply these principles.

8: Get a coach. It will make all the difference to your result.