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Training with Innervate Health & Fitness

Choosing to train with Innervate can be the start of a different life for you. A life where you jump out of bed with energy, strength and self-esteem in a pain free body that supports you throughout the day, every day.

Whether you’re a one-on-one client, working with a buddy/small group, a member of an Innervate #chicksthatlift group, or part of our corporate personal training groups, we can help you to achieve your health and wellness intentions.

We work with a diverse range of people including those recovering from injuries/illness, those that have never trained before (or haven’t trained for a while), seasoned exercisers, mature exercisers, pregnant exercisers, and professional athletes wanting to lift their A-game. Our clients vary from those who struggle to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath to those that can give Innervate personal trainers a run for their money!

McGill Method Certified Back Pain Practitioner

Lisa Brown is the first Personal Trainer in Australasia to become certified in the McGill method. Lisa was singled out by Professor McGill, have a listen to what he had to say about that meeting, his thoughts about Lisa and why you should work with her.

McGill Method Certified

About us

We are a dynamic, highly experienced and qualified team of elite personal trainers who work with individuals, groups and corporate clients throughout the Sydney region.

Our philosophy 
is to treat everyone differently. All of our clients are unique and have diverse needs, wants and goals, different bone, joint and muscle compositions and an array of structural anomalies (i.e. stuff that they were born with).

At Innervate, we take the time to understand your body, personality and capabilities and train you accordingly because, no matter what your age, size, fitness, knowledge, experience or ability is, we’re passionate about helping you to achieve the things you want, as well as things you never thought possible.

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