About Leroy Brown

Leroy is a very energetic and happy member of the team. The Coogee outdoor group and personal training clients know him very well as his specialism is the famous Coogee stairs (affectionately known as the ‘stairs of death’ at 240+ steps). His clients gasp in delight when they see him, as they know they will be happily joining him on the legendary flight of stairs. Leroy is the fastest of all of the Innervate team but he is not the trainer to approach for advice about nutrition. Leroy is a Labrador Retriever and thus will encourage you to eat everything you can sniff, find or forage for in a bush. On one occasion whilst doing hill sprints, Leroy was found in the middle of a random family picnic with a full chicken in his mouth and his paw in the hummus. Therefore, I am sure you will agree that training with him is certainly never boring or dull.

Leroy likes to chase balls, eat banana bread and lick your legs when they are sweaty after a session (FYI there is no extra charge for this service).


Class #3
Monday 9AM - 10AM
Tuesday 10AM - 11AM
Friday 1PM - 2PM