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Our Balmain personal trainers are locals that understand you are living and working in a vibrant pub, café and restaurant scene. We see no reason why you cannot enjoy this. Life is all about balance right?

Balmain boasts more pubs per capita than anywhere else in Australia and so we believe you can have your beer and drink it (or something like that). Jokes aside, our personal trainers will meet you along the beautiful water peninsula at any of the beautiful parks including Birchgrove Park, Ballast Point Park, Illoura Reserve or at a park close to your place or near work.

Our trainers are dynamic, university qualified, passionate motivators (I promise). We know our stuff but we also constantly update our knowledge in order to bring cutting edge fitness trends to you.

Whatever you want to achieve, just tell us and we will get you there………if you do what we tell you and if you are honestly ready.

Are you ready?

We can look after you one on one, with a buddy, in a small boutique group or a larger corporate fitness group. We don’t treat you like you are on a conveyer belt – the one fitness session fits all approach doesn’t exist in our vocab.

Wanna know more? Please have a look around the rest of the site, get in touch and tell us all about yourself and let us take care of the rest.