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Alexandria used to be the biggest industrial district in Australia. It was jam-packed full of factories and boasted massive, billowing smoke stacks and its workers spilled out over its borders.

If Alexandria can transform itself from an overweight, popping out of its jeans, overworked, bingeing, stressed smoker into what it is today………. so can you and we can help you if you are ready to make change.

Metaphors aside, out trainers are Inner West locals, they’re knowledgeable, passionate, experienced, awesome people who know their stuff and are totally into getting you to where you want to be, safely and effectively. We can personal train you solo, with a buddy or you can grab a couple of mates and we can deliver small group boutique sessions (FYI we also offer larger corporate fitness outdoor groups).

We can’t train you in the Grounds of Alexandria, (we don’t wanna wait that long for a table…….) but our trainers can meet you at Sydney Park, Alexandria Park, Perry Park, McKell Park or in fact any space close to work or your place.

We bring the gym to you and therefore no gym memberships are needed and no lock in contracts (we don’t need them and neither do you right?).

Still not convinced? Have a good look around the site for more information and if you are ready to transform your life get in touch. I promise you will not regret it.