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Our Rozelle based personal trainers will do more than simply jog alongside you on the Bay run (although having said that, we train runners all the time if that’s your thing).

Our trainers (locals to the village) are happy to meet you at any point on the Bay Run, Bridgewater Park or one of the other little parks in the area, close to work or your place.

We are a passionate, experienced, dynamic and university qualified small team who knows what they are doing (I promise).

You are eager to make change, sick of telling yourself every night you will ‘do it tomorrow’, live or work in Rozelle (wow, I sound like a fortune teller right?) ……….and have come to the right place!

Jokes aside, trust me we have worked with all types of people who are at different stages on their fitness journey. The elite athlete, the pensioner, the ‘I have not moved my body since high school’ person. We have seen and trained it all. Whatever you want if you trust us and do what we say we will get you there safely, at your pace and before you know it.

We offer: one on one, with a buddy, in a small group with your friends or a larger group with work people for a corporate fitness session.

Still not convinced? Have a look around the rest of the site and see if we feel like the right fit for you. If so get in touch and we will take care of the rest.