group personal training sessions

Selective and exclusive. Our small group outdoor personal training is not your average ‘garden variety’ workout. Only nine spaces in a group at any one time. Sessions are designed to help you create a sexy, lean, strong, rocking body.


group training

Each four week block is different, ranging from strength based deadlifts and squats to High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and plenty in between. Emphasis is on teaching you correct technique so you can progress safely and kick some serious ass.

Start your own group at a park near you or contact us to check availability of established groups.








You are a seriously awesome trainer. I’ve been exercising, with varying degrees of effort, for 15 years and since I started with you I’ve never felt fitter or stronger. I know I complain a lot at training, but I f***ing love Tuesday mornings and it makes me feel like Superwoman for the rest of the week. I love being a fit mum and I think my kids will benefit for the rest of their lives from it.

Innervate outdoor group sessions push us harder than we would ever push ourselves at the gym. Jean is very encouraging and demonstrates proper form and technique. She coaches without being too overbearing and also makes it fun.

Lisa is a trooper, I looked down at one point to see her doing push ups, I asked her what she was doing to which she replied “I made a mistake Jessi, I have to do 10 push ups!” – that’s one rule abiding girl!
Jessi and friends