choosing a personal trainer

It is so difficult to know which personal trainer/company to choose, there are so many of us!!! All of the sites and profiles are obviously going to claim they are well qualified, experienced and amazing. The fact is that there are some fantastic, amazing trainers but unfortunately there are poor and dangerous ones out there too*.
*FACT anyone can become a ‘master personal trainer’ in just eight weeks. This means that there are many people in our industry training and working with people in gyms and parks that have simply done a two-month course and nothing else.









we know what we are doing

Our team are elite, university qualified, master personal trainers. They continually update their fitness knowledge and bring this cutting edge knowledge to you. Everyone runs their own successful fitness business as well as working with us as we provide them with quality clients and service.

no ‘one size fits all, cookie cutter’ sessions

Our clients vary from those who struggle to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath to those that can give the Innervate personal trainers a run for their money! (We have seen clients go from one end of the spectrum to the other during their time with us) We take the time to understand your specific needs, personality and capabilities and train you accordingly.

no lock in contracts

We don’t like to make our clients commit to any type of term agreement with us. You can stop, alter or freeze sessions at anytime. We have a fantastic retention rate but we let you choose if you want to stay with us.