Personal Training with a “personal touch”

One on one or with a buddy. Personal training sessions are all about you. We don’t treat you like you are on a conveyer belt – the one fitness session fits all approach doesn’t exist in our vocab. You tell us what you want, when you want it and we will get you there… if you do what we tell you! Whether it be strength, weight loss, fitness maintenance, an introduction to a healthy lifestyle or a fitness goal, we can help you achieve it.



I could not wish for a better or more supportive personal trainer. Your life – commitment to fitness shines through and it’s been a blessing to share this with you.

I am CEO of Gap Executive and felt that I needed a life challenge, so I signed up for a trek to Everest Base Camp. Unfit and out of shape I called on Lisa at Innervate Health and Fitness to help me. I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life around training with you. Thanks for preparing me so perfectly. I followed the ‘Reduce Pain‘ advice.
Jeremy Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Dan and the results he has helped me achieve. 
It had taken me a while to get back to exercising and after about 2 years of being slack (started by a back injury) I’m very glad I did and after my initial thank you/update I wanted to share the latest update (remember my training started in earnest at end August) which is just under 9 months;

Starting weight: 98.5 kg
Current weight: 85.5 kg
That’s almost a 15% drop in weight

Starting % body fat: 26.5
Current % body fat: 17.0
That’s a 35% drop in body fat

… or about 12kg of body fat (shudder) 
It’s almost embarrassing that 2km used to the limit whereas now a 5/6km run before 6am is the norm with 8km beginning to bore me rather than tire! I sleep better, require less sleep, wake up quicker, more energy, better focus, my kids see it and want to go biking or running (so it’s beginning a positive cycle for them) are other good side effects. The real shocker is that all this cost me a gym membership (which most people have and stop using anyway) and about $1,500 in PT fees… an absolute pittance for the return (not suggesting to put the fees up!).

Just had my first personal training workout with Josie. She is fabulous!!!! I, on the other hand, feel a bit out of it! I will get there though! I am thrilled to be working with her. She is the best! Thoughtful, tough in her own great way and a great motivator. Thank you to Innervate Personal Training for getting me started and I know I will get in great shape working with Josie.

I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you what a great job Jean is doing, she is an awesome trainer!! I’m really getting the most out of my training and I just wanted to make sure I shared the feedback with you because it’s easy to sit back and not provide any feedback so I want to step up and let you know. She’s ramped up the training, listens to the clients and is always watching for technique and giving great structure to the sessions. She also took note of other training and things I was doing to get fitter and thinner and she tailored a few sessions to help me achieve a 7Kg weight loss in 9 weeks.

We are so happy with our personal trainer, Jade. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation is exactly what we both need and we look forward to our weekly sessions

Josie is an absolutely brilliant trainer and (even though I moan sometimes during the sessions) I know it’s doing me good. I feel a lot healthier than when I started the personal training and I am a bit lighter. I’ve had to buy a new belt this week as the trousers were loose which must be a good sign.

Thanks for a great year. Jean has been a very pivotal part in my life changing and I have lost 13 kilos since April this year. I am very excited to be going to what she calls “another level in training” next year. She is fantastic!!
Tanya Edwards