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I want to tell you a story about one of my clients and his personal training journey. I met Jeremy in November 2007.

Jeremy was only able to swim when we met due to a back injury he picked up in an accident when he was younger. He would aggravate the injury by simply sneezing! He wanted my help to get rid of pain and be able to do things without the fear of hurting himself. I sent him to my trusted Osteopath for a second opinion and we liaised closely while working with Jeremy concurrently.

We started off slowly by using BW as resistance squats, lunges, bends, pushes, pulls and twists. I taught Jeremy the importance of good form in everything he did, emphasising that this form must never be sacrificed for repetitions. We then gradually increased the load, intensity and complexity of the movement patterns during our sessions.

I am going to fast forward now to a couple of weeks ago. Jeremy arrived back in the gym to his first session with me after completing a massive 22-day trek to Annapurna in Nepal (5400ft). We had been doing hard-core endurance sessions to get him ready for this. Gym goers would gawk as I made Jeremy run around the gym with me (65kgs’) on his back during particularly gruelling sessions. Jeremy said that he was able to enjoy the trek and did not really struggle as ‘it was like a walk in the park compared to what you put me though before I left’.

In the time since I have started training Jeremy he has kicked my ass in many a stair workout, ran a fast City to Surf and got the strongest core out of any of my clients. We are now entering into an Olympic lifting program including, what I consider to be, the Granddaddy of all lifts…. the BB Snatch!

Jeremy’s amazing results were made possible because I progressed and regressed all exercises correctly. I offered variety in sessions but always maintained safe, effective exercise prescription, which were focussed on his goals.

60% of people that contact Innervate enquiring about our services are in some type of pain, most commonly back pain. We can work with you and liaise with your health professional in order to do everything in our power to try and reduce that pain or alleviate it completely. It is advisable to work with professionals in order to get you moving in the correct way so that you can train effectively and live pain free!

Go for it!

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