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A great way to burn body fat is to incorporate resistance training, good nutrition and interval training into your weekly routine. See Lose Body Fat.

I know that our fat loss clients get the best results when they do their ‘homework’. We generally see our clients 2 to 3 times a week. We will do high heart rate resistance style circuits with Kettle bells, Bar Bells, Medicine Balls, Dumbbells, TRX Suspension Straps etc. Our outdoor group clients also are put through their paces using this style of training.

Training with us 2 to 3 times a week will get you fitter, leaner, stronger, faster, more motivated and energised. But if you want to get the best results you must do your homework! (Can you tell I used to be a teacher?)

Clients that follow our 20-minute cardio interval-training workout 3 times a week, eat right and train with us 2 to 3 times a week get fantastic results!

I do not think that 20 minutes of homework is too much to ask when the pay off is a healthy, lean, fit body. Do you?

20 Minute Interval Training Schedule

This high intensity program tends to burn fat more effectively than low intensity exercise as it speeds up your metabolism and keeps it elevated for some time after your workout.

Perform this exercise 3x a week in order to gain the best results.

You can perform this exercise on any piece of cardio equipment in the gym or running or cycling outside, it is your choice.

You need to understand Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) in order to work out how hard you need to be working during the session. Perceived exertion can be assessed by using of a 1-to-10 chart to rate the feelings caused by your exertion. The success of this style of training depends upon training ‘smarter rather than longer’ but means you have got to hit the higher levels to see results.

Please be careful if you are new to exercise or are a beginner. You should not be going ‘flat out’ at this stage. It is always best to work with one of our Personal Trainers to help you understand and assess what your levels are before trying this Interval Training Schedule.

1 – on couch watching TV!
5 – Moderate
6 – Starting to ‘feel it’
7 – Somewhat Hard
8 – Hard
9 – Only a little bit of gas left in the tank
10 – Maximum Effort, flat out

Start with a 2-minute warm up phase at level 5, take it up to level 6 for a minute, raise the intensity to level 7 for a minute then level 8 and then maintain at level 9 for one minute before returning to level 6 again. Repeat the pattern three times but on the last cycle go for level 10 for one minute. Cool down for one minute at level 5 to finish.


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