shut up your inner sabateur or sneaky motherfucker

Shut up your inner saboteur AKA your ‘SNEAKY MO FO’ and move your ass regularly! I was going through some old files recently from a personal training mentoring business I used to run with another personal trainer. One of the sessions I used to cover with our apprentice personal trainers was ‘How to deal with…


keep your brain and body healthy

This is an awesome post. I am always taking to clients about neural pathways. This explains things really well. It is quite a long post so I have taken the take home message out for you… Following these tips may help you keep your mind active and alert by protecting and strengthening your synapses: Reduce…



Good stuff from Matt O’Neill ‘There’s a lot more to building metabolic fitness and a great body shape than simply cutting calories and exercising. Focusing your efforts on achieving an optimal hormonal balance will often result in breakthrough results. Here is a checklist of key hormones and how to reset them’ Link to article on…