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12 week wellness challenge

This is the story of 6 Innervate Health and Fitness personal training Sydney clients (and one Sydney Personal Trainer : Lisa Brown) and their individual journeys during a 12 week wellness challenge of: no wheat, no processed sugar, no alcohol and of course training hard. Grant’s story I’m Grant, I am a father of three,…

Getting older sucks ass.... or does it?

Getting older sucks ass…… or does it?

I have just returned from THE BEST trip to Antarctica and South America. This amazing 6-week journey saw me kayaking through icebergs in the waters of the breathtakingly beautiful Continent that is Antarctica, trekking alongside Chilean glaciers in Torres Del Paine National Park, struggling at altitude up steps on my way to Dead Woman’s Pass…

most important workout

the most important workout you will ever do

Do this workout regularly and watch your health, fitness, relationships and happiness improve As many rounds as possible of: A1 get a good nights sleep A2 eat shit loads of veggies A3 stay away from regularly shoving crap ‘food’ in your mouth (you know what I’m talking about) A4 eat good quality proteins and fats…