About Owen Partridge

Owen is our resident boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai (Thai boxing) expert. He is an authentic martial arts instructor (FYI there is a massive difference between a personal trainer that can do a bit of boxing and an authentic boxing trainer). Don’t be intimidated by this though as he looks after beginners too and is a pretty gentle, quietly spoken bloke. He will teach you the correct technique so that you box, kick elbow or knee safely, effectively and look impressive doing it too! He has even been known to get his head gear on and let you go for it. Trust me when I tell you that this provides a great adrenaline rush and is really safe and satisfying as he lets you hit him without hitting you back (unless you are more advanced). Sparring is lots of fun and a heart-thumping workout! It is always great to watch beginners do this with Owen as they are really hesitant at first and then really get into it, look forward to it and ask for it.

Originally from the UK and an avid Arsenal supporter (!!!), he is one of the most passionate boxing trainers in the industry, he has ran his own boxing and Muay Thai gym and lives and breathes the sport. He walks the walk and talks the talk (as you can see from his pic).