About Josie Andrici

A personal trainer plus holistic practitioner! Josie is a fully qualified naturopath and brings this knowledge to you. She believes that the ONLY way to see long-term results is to adopt a holistic approach to body transformation, nutrition, supplementation and optimal lifestyle habits. Josie helps you understand how to implement all of these things into your schedule in order to get rocking results.She is an avid scholar and reader who is always keen to learn and adopt new ideas and techniques. Josie is a no-nonsense, technical trainer. She delivers sessions with her trademark smiley but firm manner and she loves to educate clients as well as simply train them.

She is a ‘lil pocket rocket’ and can pack a punch and lift heavy stuff… really well. This stems from a childhood of competitive aerobics that lead to weight training in high school from where she was hooked.

Josie in action:


Class #1
Monday 9AM - 10AM
Tuesday 10AM - 11AM
Friday 1PM - 2PM