About Jean Alvisse

Jean is a ‘gentle but tough when necessary’ trainer. She is a hard working, busy, popular member of the team and looks after a large number of our clients. Her retention rate is staggering as people simply love her warm, quiet, empathetic but strong style of training. However, don’t be fooled by her gentle exterior, she is a kick ass Brazilian Ju Jitsu champion and martial arts trainer. Her journey into health, fitness and martial arts started with a simple self-defense class.Jean’s sidekick is her dog Zasha. One of our clients brought Zasha to our attention as she was found in an abandoned warehouse last year. Jean decided to rescue her, pay for her treatment and rehabilitate her into the smiley pooch she is today. She will blush when she reads this… but I have gotta say that this is simply indicative of the type of person she is.

Jean in action:


Class #5
Monday 9AM - 10AM
Tuesday 10AM - 11AM
Friday 1PM - 2PM